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The Science Cheerleaders


The Science Cheerleaders are professional cheerleaders pursuing science careers who playfully challenge stereotypes, turn everyone onto science by encouraging participation in citizen science activities, and inspire the 3-4 million U.S. cheerleaders to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and math. We do this by recasting the image of scientists and engineers while giving people the opportunity to explore their personal interests as a gateway to science. We communicate in ways that inspire people using our very real, very personal stories. We do this at schools, festivals, malls, on tv, online, at cheer events, games, bars…wherever the people are! The point: science is accessible to ALL!

More than 100 current and former professional cheerleaders from the NFL, NBA, and other pro sports leagues, pursing science and engineering careers make up the Science Cheerleaders.  Thousands of college, high school and middle school cheerleaders–with interests in science and engineering–are poised to join The Science Cheerleaders mission.

Darlene Cavalier, a former Philadelphia 76ers cheerleader-turned-science advocate, started the blog, Science Cheerleader, in 2006 to spark public engagement in science. Her graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania exposed her to potential solutions to public apathy in science. As the Science Cheerleader, she wanted to broaden public interest in science, get lay people involved in doing real scientific research, and, as a logical extension, help make it possible for “regular” people to weigh in on science policy matters. In the process, she stumbled upon real science cheerleaders: NFL and NBA cheerleaders pursuing science and engineering careers!

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