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U.S. Drought

Latest Monthly Assessment - In the past two weeks, heavy precipitation (2 inches or more) fell over the coastal ranges, Cascades, northern Sierras, and Bitterroots of the mountainous West, much of the Central and Eastern Gulf Coast region, and from the Nation’s Capital northeastward across southern and eastern New England. The Southwest, southern Rockies, and most of the central and southern Plains received a half-inch or less of precipitation during this same time period. California and the Pacific Northwest are expected to receive periods of precipitation during the next two weeks, but it is unlikely to be enough to change the current drought depiction over California and interior Oregon, where drought persistence/intensification is forecast. Improvement and/or drought removal is anticipated over coastal Oregon, east-central Washington, and southeastern Idaho. The Great Basin, Southwest, and the central and southern High Plains are not predicted to receive enough precipitation to warrant a one-category improvement during April. Precipitation anticipated during the first week of April, and an increasingly wet climatology favor improvement and/or drought removal across the lower Great Plains. Precipitation forecasts at various time-scales out to one month in advance and climatology support Improvement and/or Removal across the Upper (and especially Middle) Mississippi Valley. Improvement and/or removal of drought is also anticipated across the Hawaiian Islands, while drought development is expected across much of Puerto Rico.

Forecaster: A. Artusa

Next Monthly Drought Outlook issued: April 30, 2014 at 3:00 PM EDT




Credit: NOAA, The National Weather Service, The United Nations, National Drought Mitigation Center University of Nebraska-Lincoln